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The Beauty of Choice

Jesus paid the price so that we could have a choice. Up until that moment we actually did not have a choice. From that moment on; however, we possessed the beauty of a choice. He doesn't force us to choose one way or the other... He simply honors that choice and allows us to receive the consequences of the choice we make.

In the same way, we can't force someone else to have the same values as we have or make the same choice. Neither can we condemn them for thinking differently than we think. Each of us makes a choice...each of us lives with the consequences of that choice. I have made wrong choices so many times, and suffered those consequences. I wish there was a "do over" button I could hit, but because of the blood of Jesus I have the opportunity to ask forgiveness, receive it...and then go on living life. The big choice - the eternal choice - has been settled in my life. That is one consequence I will gladly receive. The other ones are a work in progress. Life is a journey of choices, consequences, and more choices. I am thankful that the Cross gave me the opportunity to choose Life all along the way.

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