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I have some friends that I dearly love.  Some are rather well-known and some are known only by me and a few others.  That’s ok…they are all precious to me.   I learned a long time ago that friends are necessary if I want to climb high.  I saw a picture once of a group of people ready to climb a steep mountain.  Each had their own personal gear and started climbing…everything went fine for awhile…they were making great progress and it looked like they would reach the top in no time.  But there came a point in the climb that going it alone was not an option…they had to tie themselves to each other and allow each to use their tools for the entire group…not just for themselves.  With that combination, they were able to resume climbing…this time reaching heights they would have never been able to attain alone.  Friends are like that…Proverbs 27:17 says “Iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”.  I need friends to climb higher…so do you… I would like to introduce you to some of my friends who have impacted my life.


Meet My Friends James and Maria Murunga….  Ten years ago I had no interest in missions…travel was limited within the confines of my state of Kansas…and I was satisfied – that is, until God began opening my eyes and changing my heart.  That’s when I met Pastor James Murunga…and later his beautiful wife, Maria...


Meet My Friend Cindi Mendoza of Cindi’s HOPE Rescue Center, Kenya

Cindi Murphy is another amazing friend you just have to meet.  The Lord is using her mightily in the lives of abused and abandoned children in Kenya.  She currently has two children’s homes where the children are housed, clothed, fed and schooled by an amazing staff of caring Christian teachers and support staff.  You will definitely want to check out her website at

Meet My Friend James Koang Bel...  If ever there was a young man whose life was totally dedicated to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, James Koang Bel fits that picture.  If you want to be challenged you will want to read more by          .  

Meet My Friends Ray and S'ambrosia Wasike, founders of the Joshua Blueprint..

It has been such a joy to see the "younger generation" have a heart to reach their "younger generation".  Ray and S'ambrosia's vision statement explains their ministry:  "Joshua Blueprint envisions a community where vulnerable youth are given the opportunity to build a knowing and growing relationship with God as they expand their God-given abilities to influence the arts and media industries in Kenya. " Check out their website at     

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