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"This is the year of the book."

It was January 2, 2016...I was sitting at my computer and heard the words very clearly and knew exactly what they meant. For several years friends had suggested this...even offering to help by providing professional editing and ideas...but it just wasn't the time. On that day, however, a little over a year ago, I knew the time had come.

I didn't hear the words audibly but they were still very clear. I heard them in my heart and knew Who it was that was speaking to me. I had learned to recognize that Voice through years of experience. Even when I didn't understand why He was asking me to obey at various seasons and circumstances, I could depend on the fact that He knew...and He could be trusted.

"This is the year of the book." I could only say, "Lord, if this is what You are asking, then the answer has to be 'yes'. I only ask that You write it through my hands." I wrote those words on a post-it-note and stuck it to the top of my computer screen. It is still there.

In no way am I implying that this book is like the sacred writings of the scriptures. I am saying, however, that it has come from a deep dependence upon the One who asked me to write it. Obedience...the only way to live...

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